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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
The Thunderbolt was a notorious flop. Just a terrible phone. Battery that lasted for 20 minutes, spotty signal, slow performance.

Verizon LTE is currently very, very good if you live in or near a city. ATT has the benefit of having HSPA+ ("4G"), as well as a more limited LTE deployment, so non LTE speeds on ATT are typically faster, but you're more likely to be on HSPA+ than LTE.

I live in Phoenix, and I get 15-35Mbps download speeds on Verizon LTE. The places I've traveled (Portland OR, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles) give me similar speeds.
AT&T scored the best regarding 4g among the major carriers. Although Verizon scored highest overall. Verizon's signal is relatively inconsistent, speeds vary more than with AT&T. Verizon does have higher top end speed but doesn't stay there (Venus vs Serena analogy to tennis)...

I may switch to AT&T, just to see how it is with them; especially if Verizon tries to downgrade my unlimitied data for loyal customers. i think AT&T has the best phones and gets them sooner as well...
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