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In full disclosure, I was joking. The guy on our team was just a local guy who everyone knew that played at Wake Forest. At the time I didn't think much of it because there were several former D1 players in 4.5. A guy that played at KU, another at American University, one from Texas A&M. But those guys had been thru the system long enough to establish themselves as 4.5s.

Whatever. The self rate guideline are strange. It lumps a lot of factors into one broad group. Like this...

NAIA, Div. 2 & 3 unranked college team player (commited to, playing, or played ) program with no scholarships (not much stronger than High School tennis);

They're saying that (1) these levels are all equal, which is absurd (2) that these levels don't have scholarships (only D3 applies), (3) they're not much stronger than high school tennis. This is laughable.

I know there are many factors and not all of them can be taken into consideration but the matrix, as it currently stands, sucks. It needs to be fixed. I'd start with breaking down this particular section a little better.
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