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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
I'll be playing mixed doubles this winter, for the first time in my tennis experience. I've heard from others that mixed leagues NTRP levels are different than that of a men's NTRP level. Is this true?
The NTRP levels are the same in adult and mixed. In that if you play 3.5 adult in the summer you are likely considered a 3.5 for mixed. *** Unless your rating has changed or unless your league uses early start ratings which should be the same but sometimes differ slightly.

What does happen however in mixed is that teams use a combine rating of the two players ... ie a 3.5 man and a 3.5 woman play together and are called a 7.0 team. OR you could see a 4.0 man with a 3.0 woman . Both combine to an average of 3.5 but this is called 7.0 mixed.
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