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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
When I worked (for money), I always joked with my boss that he'd get a phone call from me in the Caymans, that there'd be two 1st-class airline tix waiting for him and his wife at the local airport...and that he'd have to fly down to accept my resignation in person. Never had a problem with getting him to agree to that.
Thats a pretty good idea.

The contract Im currently working on is over at the end of Feb. There is a good chance I would have just not told anyone said i got a job somehwere else and been gone. That way poeple would hit me up for money or treat me differently.

Im sure I would have tons of epolpe wanting to get in touch with me that i brely knew in high school opr while I was in military.

I would prety much turn into a crotchety old man overnight to anyone not in my immeiate crircle that came asking for handouts.
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