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It is time to play with the ferocity of a panther and the cunning of this big cat. Polyfibre Panthera incorporates the characteristics you need for this aggressive style of play. Its crisp, precise feel imparts the needed control and touch that compliments drop shots that drop hard and corner shots that your opponent has no chance of returning. It is a hard hitting string when you need to rely on forceful forehands, backhands and volley put aways. The combination of two different polyester materials has resulted in a technological advancement that gives Panthera a tacky characteristic: The string actually grips the ball for optimal spin control. Panthera is easy on the arm and hard on the competition. Our unique Standardized Molecular Distribution (SMD) technology insures you will get the tension maintenance, durability and dampening qualities that are the hallmark of our high performance strings.

At random, I have chosen the following:


Players will immediately notice the high shock-absorbing qualities of this string. Polyfibre Viper provides amazing touch, control and precision coupled with maximum power. Polyfibre engineers have applied the newly developed SMD (Standardized Molecular Distribution) technology together with a corona coating to further enhance the quality of this string. Each molecule is reformed and realigned into a highly bonded, selectively cross-linked molecular structure; molecules are well arranged and distributed throughout the entire string body which is specifically designed to outperform competitors in elasticity, repulsive power and durability. The string's surface structure provides fantastic spin potential as well as preventing string slippage and the added comfort factor will sustain players through long matches as it is easy on the arm and highly durable. This is a great string for advanced and professional players who like to be in control of their game at all times and still want that extra power when they need it.

As Torres said, their names are of no help to let you decide when their own descriptions describe the same strings.
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