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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
He came within an inch of beating Djokovic plus Ralph's game perfectly suits the slow HC of AO where he can keep sending balls back till the cows come home.
I can't see Fed or Murray stopping him if he gets back to form(and we've seen how he gets back to form in like 2 matches,weird isnt it?). Murray hasnt quite convinced me of his mental strength yet after capitulating post USO.

I think it could be a repeat of this year's final only this time Ralph takes it. I think Ralph is the co-favourite with Djokovic,what are your thoughts on the matter?
There are only so many comebacks one can make before things just start to get tougher and tougher. Last I checked, Djokovic, Murray and Del Potro all have been extremely active while Nadal has been on the shelf. Furthermore, they all share a common trait. They've all crushed Nadal in Slams and they've all won Slams and they're all younger than Nadal and have far less wear and tear on their bodies. Nadal's going to have to EARN anything he gets with these guys around who are improving and getting stronger mentally. These are his main foes and Nadal hasn't had much success trying to beat Murray and Djokovic back to back. Just to beat 1 of them takes a formidable effort...try beating the both of them. Even Federer struggles to beat them back to back.
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