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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
AT&T scored the best regarding 4g among the major carriers. Although Verizon scored highest overall. Verizon's signal is relatively inconsistent, speeds vary more than with AT&T. Verizon does have higher top end speed but doesn't stay there (Venus vs Serena analogy to tennis)...

I may switch to AT&T, just to see how it is with them; especially if Verizon tries to downgrade my unlimitied data for loyal customers. i think AT&T has the best phones and gets them sooner as well...
The issue with ATT is that their true LTE is in less than 100 markets, while Verizon is pushing 400 markets.

The plus side to ATT is the fact that their HSPA+ coverage is very good, which can get people 4-10Mbps download speeds, while Verizon's 3G is 2-4Mbps at best.

I like Verizon so far, after a couple months. ATT always gets poor marks for their cellular reception, but it does seem to be getting better. I agree about them having the best phones.
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