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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Hi Mitch,

Thanks for always posting. Your technical advice is great.

Just curious, in your opinion, where should the older boys, 16's -18's, be in regards to the baseline.

I have been watching a couple of PD kids, and they seem to be many feet behind the baseline.
I am assuming that is the direction from the Spanish coach.

Wondering what you think?
I think it is all related to the speed of the court. If the court is quick you would want to stay tighter on the baseline to take advantage of short balls- put them away or approach. It is more about controlling the rally and quick strike tennis. Also, on a fast court the bounce is more predictable so you can take balls on the rise.

On a slow court, you need to be very consistent, so backing up and letting balls drop will aide this. If it is clay court tennis, the bounce is less consistent so on the rise is more difficult.

Players that play deep need to be very quick and excellent at defensive tennis.

I prefer tight on the baseline and to develop attacking skills, but if an opponent hits pace to the corners, you will have to back up to position yourself behind the ball. Great men's tennis today seems to be aggressive holds and counter-punching return games.
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