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Damn, people totally overhype Vettel.
Alonso showed his raw skills and talent earlier when drivers were overtaking with nothing else but their balls.
Today they just press a freakin button to enable KERS and DRS.
This sport has become a farce.

Alonso wins it anytime. It's a miracle he even finished 2nd place this season with that crappy Ferrari.
Watching Vettel creaming the field with a spoilt car, from the last place like two times this season, just shows Red Bull's superiority.

Yeah Alonso is indeed an arrogant ******* and comrade ****, but this shouldn't blur peoples opinion about their talent and skills.
Their personalty got nothing to do with their driving skills.
I can't see how anyone who watched F1 for more than 10 years now could vote for Vettel instead of Alonso.
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