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I think the 6.0 is very social (I've never done it tho). You could have a 3.5 man and a 2.5 woman on the same team... obviously this could be a HUGE skill difference.... if this is the case, try not to pound too much at the 2.5 player. You have every right to do so... it's just more of a social thing.

In 7.0, it would be not uncommon to have a 4.0 man and a 3.0 woman. Sure, this is also a large skill gap, but more common is two 3.5's or a 3.5 and a 3.0 together. Still a social thing, but not near as much as 6.0. You being a 3.0, I think (if you are not a jerk anyway) you can have a lot of fun being partnered with a good 3.5 or 4.0 woman. Lot of guys let their egos cloud their view of women players, but playing with some women with good skill is a lot of fun. If you aren't a couple, there is a different dynamic... and I don't mean anything to do with flirting... I've had a blast.
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