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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Correct PB (6) by itself paid the $4.
The PB and single number with PB both pay 4 which I dont get. unless you opt for the power play then they pay 12.

Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
^^^Not referring to your BFF but winners need be wary of their entourage...a woman in Central Florida is currently on trial for the murder of a $30mil Lotto winner...his body was found a couple of years after disappearing mysteriously. She is accused of burying him under the concrete slab of a new home under construction. The phrase, "all power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely", is similar to my thoughts about big can be s big headache.
Thats why I owuld be an A-Hole. But i would buy the bowling alley and greatly reduce the costs of league fees. Id try to open a tennis center and a bowling alley and just have them operate at cost to give poeple somethign to do.
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