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Stop worrying about the equipment, make another video with someone who can handle your pace. At around 1:30 there were four points in a row which were at most 2 hits total.

As a more important tip, if you want to show schools anything, show them REAL intensity. I emphasize real for a reason. When lots of you juniors make these recruiting videos, more often than not, the footwork is absurdly overdone. Hopping around, sprinting to every single shot, or in plain English, wasting energy in an effort to look better. You, however, don't have enough intensity. You let many shorter balls bounce twice. Go in and get them or approach, or do something, but do not let a ball that lands on the service line bounce twice when you're standing on the baseline. Any recruiter will assume you have good strokes if you want to play tennis in school. It's whether or not what they're seeing is a. real and b. good, that makes the difference. A
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