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Demo night last night with the MP and Pro. Went straight into a match. Warmed up with both. Preferred the lighter weight of the MP during warm-ups (considering I'm trying to get away from the 4d200T heft.)

Won the first set 6-1, lost the second 4-6 due to forehand issues, won the 3rd set tiebreak. (i'm a 4.5 player for reference.)

The racket feels very plush to me, maybe it was the string, it was strung at 57 lbs with Babalot Ny. I wish it had a full poly setup.

Serving with the MP is fantastic. I'm able to get much more head speed with the lighter frame and didn't have to struggle to get some extra MPH when I wanted. Even with the tighter string pattern I was getting some really good action.

Volley's were plush and the lighter weight really helped, especially on overheads.

My one handed topspin backhand was the same as always, I can rip it with any racket so not a problem, at least it didn't get worse.

Now the forehand on the other hand was an issue. The launch angle and slightly less spin caused some issues. Balls flying long or clipping the top of the net. And to be honest I don't think it's the racket but the grip shape is the culprit. I cannot get the same comfortable wrist movement with the stupid rectangular grip, it seems to hinder my rotation on the forehand.

The other issue was when i did hit a good forehand i couldn't thump it like normal so i lacked a real put away shot which became an issue in the second set. The extra weight of the 4d200t seems to make me drag the forehand and allows me load up, if that makes sense.

So basically everything was equal to or better with this racket except i lost my forehand and put away shot.

So frustrating. Maybe I could get used to the grip, not sure.

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