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Let me start off with a fresh link to a steam review verifying (possibly) some concerns of the ball sitting up too much.

I get to the store and get handed this:

While getting gas, I realize it is the 99, NOT the 99s. The pattern was rather open on the 99, and the specs felt perfect. So I am excited about that. It came through the air like the Blade, just a bit faster. Balance felt the same..everything.

Unfortunately they screwed up and the 99S was gone. Well until it comes back in a few days, and it's mine. they felt bad, and handed me this:

The 105s. A letdown, but I still have an S stick to try at least. The main letdown is just how light it feels. I am considering slapping a little lead on at 12, but I can't find specs anywhere so that could be a shot in the dark. I really like the weight class of the apd and blade, so going lighter is going to result in some fluffy balls I am guessing. Regardless the spin should be hilarious, and I am hoping a mega slice and dice guy is up there tonight, as he hits with a similar weighted OS stick and is all about spin. It will be fun to see what he can do with it when I am not using it.
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