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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Delpo won't be able to hit Ralph off the court ala USO 09,Berdych is mentally not quite there against Ralph either. Murray's mental level is always a question mark so its down to Djokovic to stop him.
Keep trying to convince yourself. There is a shift happening in tennis as we speak. The Federer-Nadal era of domination is coming to an end. Neither of Federer nor Nadal are going to take out Murray-Djokovic back to back. Then add in the second tier of threats including Del Potro and Berdych. If you actually watch tennis at all, you'll realize that Federer is losing to both Del Potro and Berdych recently. And you'll also see that Nadal is having a lot of difficulty with these same players, not to mention having great difficulty in beating Murray, let alone Djokovic.
People say Berdych is Nadal's pigeon. Even so, Berdych was 1 point away from being up 2 sets to 0 on Nadal at the AO. The same Berdych who stretched Nadal to 3 sets in Miami. As I said, analyze the matches and then factor in that Nadal and Federer are not spring chickens. The competition is intense and there are more threats to these guys than just Djokovic alone.
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