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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
quite a list, kiki, thanks for posting it and making a case for doubles in this forum
i have no definite list, but i would vote for Gerulaitis/Sandy Mayer and Davidson/Newcombe. G/M won Wimbledon, D/N won the U.S.
donīt see Edmondson/Marks. Eddos GrandSlam success came in the 80īs and not with Marks
donīt see Ashe/Tanner either. Ashe won the French with Riessen, the australian with Roche and was a wimby runner-up with Ralston. But with Tanner?
I know what you mean and I tried not to duplicate a player in two different teams which is somewhat unfair
Ashe,Okker,Newcombe,Riessen,Fibak or Stewart were great with different mates
Vitas could have been a great doubles player but played little doubs once he became a top player and that is why I deliberately left him out
On clay only the Vilas-Borg team was excellent but since they became top rivals,they stopped what could have been a two star team much like Connors and Nastase, who won two majors even if none of them were really great doubs playwrs IMO
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