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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Man, these two don't drop off to sleep until after 10pm.
What's up with that? Ain't you got 'em on a decent schedule yet? Seriously, how many wks old (I can't look back through all the TWMAC pages to find out)...and what are the other sleep/lack of habits? 10pm is too late...for the kiddies...and the parents. Although somewhere in the fog that is newborn maintenance, I vaguely remember staying up 'til 11pm for the "last" feeding...and they could then make it through to about 5am. But that was around the 8-wk mark, I think.

My non-parent sibs give me and hubs grief when we tell them not to call the house after 9pm. 'Cause the kids have already been o-u-t for at least an hour and we're ready to call it a day too.

We're all up, bright-eyed and, well, ya know, at 6am. Everyday. Even on weekends. At least until here recently when we've started leaving out the cereal box and making sure the soymilk container is on the fridge's bottom shelf and has enough, but not too much in it. Hubs and I both stayed in bed til 7:30am two weeks ago for the first time. Ah! We got to sleep in and the kiddies thought they were all that for fixing their own breakfast and negotiating the TV remote to get to the Saturday am cartoons we approve of (shhh....we left it on the correct channel...but they were so darned proud of themselves). Even put their own dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Got 'em trained! Not bad for 4 and 6.
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