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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
How'd the lead tape experiment work out for you? Likes? Dislikes?

As for me, yes, it's true, I am really really enjoying the new Steam racquets. Both the 99 and 99S. Do I like them enough to make the official switch? Potentially. Make need to take a little bit of lead tape to them as well.

Jason, TW
Originally I had it leaded up in the handle to 12.6oz and put some on 12 and 6. That DC composite made it really stable on the 3/9 so no need to lead there.
Really like it at first 45 minutes. Unfortunately, from minutes 46 to 90, my shoulder wanted to disown my arm. So I got it down to under 12 oz and it's working out now. Majority of the lead is still on the handle.
Stable against heavy hitters
Serves packed alot of heat
2 HBH are wicked
With alot of lead on the handle, you can add more of lead around the hoop and won't have that "racquet is leaving your hand," feel.
Have no fear at the net against hard hitters as racquet is stable.

Salonpa's is my fashion statement.
Lost alot of feel and touch.

But then, I am using this setup, so lead handle setup for the win!
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