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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
A new angle to look at;
The 2 wonderkids are one of the top 10 ever doubles
The other 9 are IMO
Sedgman and Mc Gregor
Newk and Rochey
Bromwich and Quist
The Woodies
5 of top 10 aussies, the kings of doubles
The other 5 are
Hewitt and Mc Millan
Fleming and Mc Enroe
Borotra and Lacoste
Brugnon and Cochet
Jarryd and Edberg (peak play since Anders had a longer career with Fitzie)

kiki, Hoad/Rosewall keep still the record of most major titles won (15).

I don't rank the Woodies very high because they had rather weak competition. In older times all top players played doubles too, but not in the times of Woodbridge/Woodforde or nowadays.
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