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I can only tell you about my experience with Tonic 16, and coinciding posts that I've read on TT. My prior experience was with Klip Legend 16 in hybrids. The Klip is supposed to be firmer feeling than other guts (non-BT7), so I was looking forward to using Tonic at 58 (drop weight) in my 95" 12.9 oz. 8.5 HL racquet. I didn't understand the difference in BT7 at the time, so I just went +3 lbs. from my multi tension. That would have been fine with Wilson gut, but it turned out to be very board like and low powered for the BT7 Babolat.

The news on Wilson and Prince guts is that they are made by Babolat and are similar to Babolat's old gut. The gut that Babolat markets under its own name is the BT7 stuff. One poster reported that he is very happy with BT7 for use in hybrids. Maybe some other people with more experience with these gut strings will post up some more information for you.
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