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I don't think Nadal would be able beat (if he draws works out that way) Murray and Novak back-to-back to win the title, that would be too much to ask after such a long layoff.

However, he'll definitely beat Fed if they meet in SF (irregardless of their respective forms in the tourney prior to the match) and Berdych in QF.

Obviously I'd also favour him over Ferrer and Delpo in a potential QF match-up but those two have a puncher's chance IMO (especially taking into account Nadal's probable rustiness).

People who think he's due for an upset need to wake up, the conditions are too suitable for Nadal, his game too hard/uncomfortable to play against for the vast majority of the field (I don't think most people on this forum realize how hard it is too attack Nadal's heavy balls) for him to lose early even if he's rusty and far from his best.
Nah,Ralph will be thrusted into Fed's draw as usual and he will make the final atleast. On a good day he might actually get the W against Djokovic/Murray. Nothing has changed since his extended vacation.
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