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when the pro's execute the walking step and hopping step they do it very quickly and smoothly and it's used in conjunction w/ other footwork patterns so it's easy to overlook, but they do use it more. Yan breaks it down very deliberately for instructional purposes so it's easy to follow. Yann covers quite of bit in that video so there's other good stuff to take away from it. but that's cool if you find Bailey's more relevant for you. whatever works and helps.
It's been awhile since I watched those Yann videos, but if I remember right his hopping step is the same as what Bailey calls "front foot hop".

Federer does the walking step sometimes when moving into the court on short balls to his forehand. He does it like a forward cross-over with his right foot crossing over into the court, he then sits and lifts off that right foot as he brings his left foot forward, and then cracks the ball. From there the footwork looks just like the front-foot hop, with a hop off the left foot followed by the right foot swinging around behind for balance as the COM moves into the court. Laver used to do this too.

I think Bailey would characterize the walking step as an out step variation prior to the actual front foot hop contact move.
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