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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
yeah, i preferred JGad's demo without the dampener, too. like you, the more time i spent with it, the better it felt and played. i hate to say it as well, but i'm considering this stick, too, assuming my shoulder and wrist are up to the task.
I pulled the pin on a pd2012 just now. I couldn't pass up the price: $110 new. If I hate it I can flip it with little loss. Full TB at 45/44 should make it easier on the shoulder as well.

The stringbed really came alive without the damp on it and my shots were causing my partner more trouble: I felt like I was able to do more with less effort which is the whole point of the Bab I guess

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
It most likely is going to give more spin and all signs point to it having that wilson feel that makes the Blades feel so much sweeter than they should be at that weight.
I think spin is not going to be an issue for you and the 16X18 should give you plenty of that plus it will be a bit easier on the wallet re strings. Looking forward to your comments.
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