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Murray's fit but not on Nadal and Novak's level still in that regard, a grueling match against Novak in SF could drain his reserves.

Tell me, what do you think would have happened at this year's AO if Murray managed to get past Novak (which he was very close to do)?
At this year's AO, I would've picked Ralph over Murray as Murray would've wilted away as usual. But this is the improved Murray and he can beat him,but like you said I didn't take into account his SF match against Djokovic, so good on you for bringing that up.

Originally Posted by zagor View Post
If he is in Fed's half, I'd favour him to reach the final no doubt.

He could get a win against Novak and Murray individually but beating them both back-to-back (on HC in BO5) after 6 months of no match-play would be too tall of an order IMO.
Perhaps but he has shown superhuman stamina as in 2009,remember? Ralph never gets tired for some reason,it's inexplicable really.
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