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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
You are the one who started a stupid thread about Nadal not playing for 6 months winning the Australian Open, not me. I guess given your miniature pea brain it is very hard to remember what you are trying to argue, so I shouldnt be too hard on you. While explaining anything to a vegetable like yourself is almost impossible I will humor you and attempt it. Last 3 slams Murray and Nadal played on 3 different surfaces, Nadal won all 3, none going 5 sets. So if Nadal is playing well enough to reach Murray, which means he is in atleast the semis, he is likely playing well enough to beat Murray. Doesnt mean Murray cant win, he has beaten Nadal 2 out of their 9 slam meetings after all so anything is possible, but Nadal's chances vs anyone but Djokovic if he reaches that stage are very good.

The Australian Open is not Murray's favorite slam. His best and favorite slam by far is the U.S Open where he has won and been in 2 finals. He was in 2 finals in Australia as well and got murdered in both of them, was in one U.S Open final but it was his maiden slam final. He is better on fast courts than slow courts which everyone knows, so by what absurd logic would the Australian be his best and favorite slam. He often gets easier draws there and tougher ones at the U.S Open and Wimbledon, otherwise the disparity would be even more.

I know what the numbers say mate, but IMO Murray has played some of his best tennis at the Australian Open.
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