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Default Toni Nadal on Rage

”If it was up to us we would play always on clay but its not something possible. Of the four Slam tournaments, two are on hard court. The Master 1000 are play almost all on hard court. It’s complicated to change the rules. There’s nothing to do. The only thing we can do is competing on fast surfaces. Then usually we have 3 Masters on clay, last year just two…

He kinda wants the entire ATP body to re-shape it's structure based on his nephew. Does he need an all advantage Rafa schedule, kinda absurd. I don't know why he's asking for some GS and more Masters to be converted over to clay.

Couple of things, Rafa was injured because of his style of play NOT primarily based on the schedule or the surfaces. And you have seen him change it because he himself has identified it to be a problem, that's why you see rafa slicing the ball more on his backhand side than in the past and he's not hustling for every single ball like he did a few years ago. But I don't like how his uncle/coach has now created some type of argument where he wants this dream like situation where his "guy" benefits greatly while really ignoring the basis for the entire tennis body and all its players. To me, it's like the Casino. It's not enough that they are taking in 95% profit, but now they're trying to shimmy the percentage to 98% in their favor. Rafa is pretty dominate, I don't think we need more clay events. I do think we have enough as it is. I would actually like to see an extended grass season and really enjoy watching Gerry Webber and AEGON. But to add peace to all fans, I think it would do a great service if the media would just filter out the non players. I don't think anyone is a fan of listening/seeing Sharapova's dad death stare, seeing andy murray's mother's fist pumps, or Toni Nadal rant.

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