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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Well personally I consider Murray better on faster courts than slow and best on hard courts so combining the two his bests slams would be:

1. U.S Open


2. Wimbledon and Australian Open (virtual tie)


4. French Open

I know he has better stats at the Australian, but at Wimbledon he lost to Nadal before the final 3 different times so those are skewed. I do think he can win alteast 1 Wimbledon and atleast 1 Austrailan Open in his career though, and it would be dissapointing for him if he doesnt win at those venues. U.S Open will be his best slam, could see him winning up to 3 there.

The stats obviously favor the U.S though with a title + runner up > 2 runner up defeats in blowout finals, and 1 remaining semifinal at both venues. He also had more good wins at the U.S Open, and generally gets tougher draws there.
I think you're probably right - wins in places like Cincy and Rotterdam would tend to support this view; but consider this - Murray doesn't like playing on Armstrong; and he doesn't like it because he finds it too quick.

I think Murray likes most hardcourts and that he generally goes into the AO feeling fresh and ready to go; that's why he tends to play well there.
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