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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
Well, the Code states that on any point ending shot or ball that you call out that is very close, that you should take an extra second to confirm you saw it correctly if you call it out. That being said, yes there are times when you don't see a clear mark; however, you know the ball is out. You are not required to show a ball mark, because it is still your call to make on your side of the net. But, if you start making a lot of out calls on balls that are very close, and every time you are asked to show a mark you say you don't have it or you don't know where it is, you are just going to lose credibility with opponents and officials.
thanks for answering. sometimes a ball is clearly out and yet your opponent/s will still question your call and ask to see a mark.
in cases like that, it sometimes happens that you can´t show the mark because you´ve taken your eyes off it, not expecting any controversy
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