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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
People seem to disregard the fact that Nadal was 1 point away from going down 2 sets to love against Berdych in their AO quarterfinal match this year. Nadal had to save a set point or he'd have been in a real mess. Berdych isn't as easy a matchup as people tend to think. Nothing less than Nadal's best will get it done if Berdych is in form. Obviously the AO hardcourts suit Nadal's game much much better than Berdych's game.
I seem to remember he got pretty much robbed of the first set and should have won in straights.

Any hard court suits Berdych's game better. Nadal is just much better as a player.

Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Perhaps but he has shown superhuman stamina as in 2009,remember? Ralph never gets tired for some reason,it's inexplicable really.
Guess you missed the USO final last year.
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