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One crunch movement, one leg raise movement, and one twist movement 3 days a week with heavy compound lifts. that's your best plan

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I'm sorry, but these articles are a load of claptrap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to lift weights as a teenager. Nothing. You will not damage your normal body growth rate or damage your organs or anything of the sort. Those "danger" articles are all correlational. They hint at the fact that if you start lifting at say 13 when you are not producing much testosterone, but are lifting regularly, you will not see a huge increase in mass. Therefore, it's tempting to start using HGH and test. to get bigger faster. Likewise, you maybe tempted to take unregulated supplements to achieve your goals. Let's just lay out the facts:

1. Lifting weights is 100% fine.

2. Using HGH, test, tren, or any steroid is dangerous no matter how old you are.

3. Weight lifting in conjunction with cardio is a perfectly healthy lifestyle for a teenager as long as they don't become obsessive.

That last bit is a body image issue, but that has absolutely no relation to the majority of teenagers who lift weights simply to become better athletes.
This ^ there's no such thing as stunted growth from lifting. Starting at 13 is fine and I wish I did. Have a problem with the bolded but don't feel like telling people how to do it right without getting hurt.
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