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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
Exactly. It's hard for a lot of people (Nadal haters) here, but the surface distribution is obviously not fair (and good on Toni for saying it).
I think you're dead wrong on this. The surface distribution is something that evolves over time and players are expected to adapt to it. You can argue that the surface distribution is not even. But fair? All players know the surface before hand and conditions are equal for all. It is rafa's fault if he decides to develop a game more suitable for clay.

Now you could say that if tomorrow suddenly, they said Roland garros is played on a HC, now that would be unfair.

The fact that Nadal moulded his game for clay is what has made him the RG goat, it is a choice he and Toni made and they should not blame the ATP for that. And why does Nadal complain about hC and then plays meaningless exos on HC?

I respect Toni for the work ethic and humility he instilled in Nadal and the great decision to make him lefty but other than that he's an idiot.
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