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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
But why should certain players who excel on clay be forced to adapt when hc specialsts don't have to adapt one bit? Just how much adaptation are hardcourters doing? None. It's not even close to being fair,but I don't expect the majority of the folks here to admit that considering Nadal is public enemy number one around here.
Hard court players do have to adapt - a lot. They have to go from the super slow hard courts in Aussie to the faster US swing, then to a combination of clay and grass for 3 months, then back to hard courts.

How that doesn't require adapting I don't know.

If clay wants more of the pie, should have their season split similarly - as I suggested. Putting them all in a row would achieve little positive - but would increase the incidence of Thomas Muster-style players who sneakily accumulated the vast majorty of their points on their favourite surface and then put stuff-all effort in elsewhere.

I agree that there should be more variety - including some more clay court tournaments - but it wont come by making swapping Indian Wells and Miami into clay court events... That will make the problem worse - more players will be more worn out by the time the French Open comes around if you add more clay court tournaments before it.

A possible solution could be to make one of the hard court masters into a 500 event and add a clay court tournament of the same level elsewhere the same week.

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