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Originally Posted by XFactorer View Post
I don't know how you skip from "...the shoe[']s not for me" to "...the shoes are getting inferior...."

The shoe's not for you means the shoe is NOT for you. It doesn't mean the shoe is getting worse. Maybe the shoe for you is the Vapor 8 Tour.

As for quality - that is a perceived issue. Your perception of quality seems to be in terms of measurable durability - not the marketed weight-performance ratio that Nike is selling.
I beg to differ I'm the same player the shoes are lasting much shorter periods in terms of lifespan. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that mesh and tennis shoes don't go well together. If they do then they must be designed properly if the spot in my pictures was covered with rubber drag on protection instead of just mesh this would be a MUCH better shoe. Placing mesh so close and low to the shoe near the sole is a very poor decision.
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