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Originally Posted by bt johnson View Post
I disagree about the Vapor 9's. I own 5 pairs and I absolutely love them. All 5 pairs are still in great shape and I rotate them out. I am a teaching pro so I am on the court quite a bit. I personally like the mesh better than the SL version. I have the Madrid and FO in the SL and the Flame and most recent signal blue and silver in the mesh.... sorry I lied, I only own 4 pairs Anyway I think these shoes are great so maybe you got a bad pair. If you want them to look clean then don't buy all white shoes. I think the OP should have thought more about durability and color if he is complaining after 2 months. Are you sure you did not put them in the washing machine and tore up the mesh??
I don't put my shoes in the washing machine ever. If I had 4-5 pairs like you did and just hit balls from a hopper most of the day I guess I wouldn't have this problem either. But I have one pair that I take care of and play carefully with.
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