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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
A huge serve and FH could take you a long ways 7-8 years ago.. He also blew some big matches (even against Fed) he very well could have won or was certainly in position to.

He did well for what he had.. But he had many chances to do more.

I certainly never expected only ONE slam for the guy regardless of how overall limited he was. I expected 3-4 at the very least. Even with Roger around

The way I see it.. If guys like Tsonga and Berdych and Soderling could take Fed out a slam, I see NO REASON Why Roddick shouldn't have at least a couple of times. He also played Fed enough to where he should have worked on some things (some different strategies) to beat him.
Roddick had to deal with a PRIME Federer. Prime Fed was a nearly unstoppable force. There's a reason he's racked up so many slams, and titles. The fact that he's still near the top says something. And yea Old Agassi gave Prime Fed some tough matches, but he never won any once Fed's career really took off. Not to mention, old Agassi was still an elite player.
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