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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Hard court players do have to adapt - a lot. They have to go from the super slow hard courts in Aussie to the faster US swing, then to a combination of clay and grass for 3 months, then back to hard courts.

How that doesn't require adapting I don't know

If clay wants more of the pie, should have their season split similarly - as I suggested. Putting them all in a row would achieve little positive - but would increase the incidence of Thomas Muster-style players who sneakily accumulated the vast majorty of their points on their favourite surface and then put stuff-all effort in elsewhere.

I agree that there should be more variety - including some more clay court tournaments - but it wont come by making swapping Indian Wells and Miami into clay court events... That will make the problem worse - more players will be more worn out by the time the French Open comes around if you add more clay court tournaments before it.

A possible solution could be to make one of the hard court masters into a 500 event and add a clay court tournament of the same level elsewhere the same week.

I don't agree. It's much easier to adapt as a hardcourter to even more hardcourts,even if one is slightly slower than the other. Player's whose best surface is clay or grass have to adapt much more than a player whose best surface is hardcourt since the tour is something like 70% hardcourts. No matter how slow or fast they are,a hardcourter doesn't have to adapt nearly as much as a claycourter or grasscourter has to.

I would like to see less hardcourt masters,or at least don't make them all mandatory. And add a grass masters in there as well. The grasscourt season is merely a blip on the radar these days.
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