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My 3 Aero500's are not the tours. When I tried the 500T, it was strung waaaaaaay too tight around 58, hurt my wrist and shoulders. Then I grabbed the regular 500 out of the bag, hit ONE ball, and knew it was about right for me, with string around 55.
So when I ordered my 500's, all were strung at 52, which now I think is a little tight.
With such stiff rackets, a softer stringjob is the only way my wrist and shoulders can handle.
SW of Tour500 is remarkably similar to my Mfill200's, so I needed to go easier swinging.
Tried 12 grams at 2-10 on one of my 500's. Not right for me.
Will try maybe 20 grams under the grip, which should weight it around 320, and keep SW close to 315 when I hold down at the buttcap.
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