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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Yes, this is a familiar phenomenon, but I submit that it has nothing to do with food, but issues of race and social class rather. The city is full of “Italian” and “Japanese” restaurants with nauseating and expensive food. You can have far superior Russian or Uzbek food at 1/10 the price at the corner of any market, but the social phenomenon described in the article has little to do with food, right…
In my opinion, people in Russia, especially Moscow, have been far too concerned with brands and trends since the early 1990s. Instead of choosing what they like, too many people make choices based on what they perceive as what they should like.

This is true everywhere, but there seems to be an element of insecurity in Russia that makes people more apt to choose the trendy brands, clothes, or restaurants, instead of making an independent evaluation.
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