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The HTC DNA might have something on it. Its the only true 1080p display. But, I'm pretty sure HTC has nothing on Samsungs software and stylus...

I got to say that HTC spoils you with their displays. My Rezound display is truly great and still one of the best, if not the best, one out there even though its an 'old' phone (still has the greatest pixel density). Many times with old tennis matches on youtube, i get a better picture on my Rezound than on a HD computer monitor! Helps me reminisce when Venus was a force to be reckoned with and played the most athletically dominating tennis Iíve ever seen from a woman (her 2000 USO semi against Hingis and 2001 against Capriati was an amazing display of athleticism and power)!!!
HTC dropped the ball with the DNA not having an option for expandable memory. 16GB stinks especially on an Android where bloatware already consumes too much precious storage room. went with the HTC One X+ today and even though it doesn't have a chance for expandable memory it comes in a 64GB size.
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