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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Mac also defeated him handily at Paris but Connors played great there against young up and coming guys like Sanchez,Sundstrom (2 true cc experts) and in 85 he trashed Edberg
Well, Connors was still a very formidable player in '84 and '85; I believe he spent most of 1985 in the Top 4. And, he could play on red clay...he just wasn't going to beat Wilander or Lendl. I think the '84 loss to Mac at RG was a little surprising, but it just showed how exceptional Mac's game was at the time. Connors also played very well at Wimbledon that year, until he met Mac in the final and was embarrassed. But, he really took it to Lendl in the semis.

1987 was an odd year; he was a bit unlucky not to win a tournament. Nerves perhaps....he was playing very well that year across a wide variety of events and surfaces. He finally won a few more tourneys in '88 and '89, but was not going to be a true GS threat (tho' he was dangerous at the USO...playing some fine ball in '89)

Age is a b#tch.
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