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Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov View Post
In my opinion, people in Russia, especially Moscow, have been far too concerned with brands and trends since the early 1990s. Instead of choosing what they like, too many people make choices based on what they perceive as what they should like.

This is true everywhere, but there seems to be an element of insecurity in Russia that makes people more apt to choose the trendy brands, clothes, or restaurants, instead of making an independent evaluation.
I agree with your observations – appearances have been playing a far greater role in that city than in any other melting pot of the world perhaps. There is a wide range of social strata and immense pressure on the people in the middle to assert their association with the London-schooling Greek-vacationing class rather than the penniless thousands that come off the trains from Minsk and Dushanbe every day.

Bottom line – stay clear of pizza and sushi in that town…
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