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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
The fact is, most courts in the main tennis countries are hard court. You can't go and add clay court tournaments of any note in Australia, most of Asia or North America. So, the plausible alternative is adding them in Europe... that would be patently unfair considering a big part of tennis is adapting not only to conditions but also travel. If all the clay court tournaments were in Europe then the travel aspect would be minimal compared to the current hard swings which often vary half a world away week overt a period of a few weeks. So the fair (not to mention) practical way would be to have two clay swings - one where it is now and another later in the year.
Just bring some over here to South America.

Players whose best surface is clay have put their chips on the wrong number according to where points can be made - that is simply poor planning from a young age in players who are clay court specialists. You can't force the 'market' to be something it's not. There are more hard-courts spread further around the world than clay - trying to use the 'fairness' debate in terms of how the pro season is formulated is suspiciously self-serving. Muster did it as did some notable Spanish players previously. Amazingly, after all the significant changes which have been made which have been almost entirely to clay court players benefits - the almost blanket slowing of courts at APT events globally - they still want more clay.
Of course, a slow hard court is NOT clay.

As I said, I'm happy for there to more clay tournaments but only if the hard courts are sped up again and, while they're at it, Wimbledon should be reverted to pre 2000 conditions.

Under these theoretical changes Nadal would have no Wimbledons or US Open titles.
He would actually be worse off in his achievements, not better. Sure, his knees might hold out longer.....

If anything it's the hard court players who have reason to gripe about court conditions on tour in the past decade. Many more players have been severely hindered by the significant slowing of hard courts than clay courters by lack of clay courts.
You cannot possibly know that. I'm sure I've read old threads here, and people were pretty certain Nadal wouldn't win Wimbledon or USO then.
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