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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Is Messi undisputably the best. I thought many also believed Cristiano Ronaldo was. I have seen both play but dont follow much European football anymore.
Messi is only 25 years old and has 3 Ballon D' Or (best player in the world award that is given each year). And is probably going to win a 4th one in January.

Ronaldo is 27 and only has one.

Messi is ahead of Ronaldo. Ronaldo and Iniesta are probably the second and third best player in the world.

Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Federer is more dominant in tennis than Messi is in soccer. Very few athletes were more dominant than Federer(ie Gretzky, Rice)
Messi is destroying records every match he plays and is only 25. It's impossible to compare because one is a team sport and the other is individual, but Messi is as dominant or more than Federer. Both are one of the most dominant in history though (with Jack Nicklaus, Kelly Slater, Michael Jordan, etc)
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