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Count me in to the T-Fight club! I've been searching for my dream racquet for a while, I've played with the BLX tour 90 (great control but too demanding and small sweetspot), Prince Tour Diablo MP (great spin but less control and gets pushed around), and IG Radical Pro (so-so control, really comfortable but too much power)...and almost by accident I came across a couple of T-Fight 320's, damn... I was really impressed with the great spin and pace you can generate with this frame, serves were bombs right from the start, and firing winners from all areas of the court was fantastic.

The only thing I didn't like was the grip shape (I usually use 4 3/8 but the 320's came in 4 1/2), is there any way to fix this?

I know Tecnifibre doesnt have a big name like Wilson, Babolat or Head, but this frame is really a must-try for anyone out there looking for a new frame wihin the specs of this one...just amazing.

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