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Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
No carpet was removed from the YEC after 1996 in favour of a hard court, because the surface used there in Germany during the early to mid 90s was so fast that many of the clay court players were complaining and saying it was unfair.

And it was removed from the Paris Masters after 2006 and from the tour completely a few years later, because players didn't want to have to keep on switching between hard courts and carpet between tournaments in the fall. In particular the top players didn't want to go from the Madrid masters on a medium pace hard court, to the Paris masters on fast carpet, and then to the YEC on a medium pace hard court again. Thus the Paris surface was made more similar to the YEC one from 2007.

Carpet is no more dangerous for the players than a typical hard court, and a thicker carpet surface is much safer than either thinner carpet (which was used at the YEC until 1996) or indoor hard.

Also carpet does not even have to play crazily fast anyway, as there are a few challenger tournaments around nowadays that are played on medium paced carpet. Also the Kremlin Cup in Moscow was notorious for using a pretty slow carpet surface for many years, before they made the switch to hard courts like several other events.
i was on about the tour in general not just the world tour finals..

anyway it dosnt matter what you think is good/bad to play on..the pro's lobbied to have carpet removed from the tour and it was...thats that.

maybe it'll come back..i doubt it, clay/grass/hardcourt are enough surfaces.
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