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I hate to burst anyone's bubble here, but for me the 105s is not even close to an option. It is super light, and I am not going to mod a demo. It feels like a toy, and I had the brand new APD from TW that I worked into the mix. The APD hit a bigger ball and felt more substantial, but it does weigh more. The 105s is basically much too light for me.

The spin I could produce in all honesty was nice, but I can produce that type of spin with my Blade. One difference I noticed was the ball was bouncing higher than my blade. It was shooting almost straight up off the court but it didn't really phase any of the 3 guys I hit with tonight. So while I did see a difference in spin, it was not anything that blew me away. I do hit with a lot of spin and can get the ball to drop sharply down with my 18x20 Blade. With the 105s, it is a launcher due to being so light and stiff. It was very easy to hit long, but I am sure I could get used to that if I used the racquet longer. I simply was not interested in doing so and probably hit with the 105 for 45 minutes total.

That being said, I am excited to try the 99s. The 105 is not a racquet for me anyway, no matter what the drill pattern is. It is far too light and lacks the control I like. I love to hit a heavy driving ball with placement and spin. That is my game. With the Blade I am able to place the ball exactly where I want it, and I believe placement is everything in tennis, even over spin. I did grow up playing with a western grip and heavy spin though, so I have never had a problem putting a lot of action on the ball.

I expect a much better experience with the 99s. I dry swung the regular 99 and it felt so much more substantial in my hand. I think it will be a lot better gauge for me on if this drill pattern is something that helps my game or not.

Basically what LeeD is saying is what I found tonight. I love control and the 18x20 gives me that. The 105 head size with a pattern that open just has too huge a sweetspot and too much power for me, even with the heavy spin. The weighting of the Blade gives me a ton of head speed to get the ball to drop sharply down, and I am still firmly Blading while open minded and excited about the 99s demo.

Other thing - what is up with the new overgrip? I really hate it because the grip size is a lot bigger now to me. I can not feel the bevels at all like I can with the 98 Blade. This was a very bad move by Wilson IMO. So if I buy a steam 99s or a new Black blade, I have to figure out how to make the handle feel like the 98 Blades. I am hoping the old wilson grips weigh the same so I can just put one on, but if not, that is a bit of a pain.

Anyone else notice how the new grips suck and feel bigger (especially with an OG on)?

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