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Originally Posted by Circa 1762 View Post
Hmm. My current rackets are Youtek Prestige MPs, and even though the IG Prestige Pro has a smoother feel, it still has the same type of brittle, ceramic-like feel as the Youtek MPs. I've hit with the MG Radical MP before, though, and it felt much more muted, and not nearly as ceramic-like.

That said, I've also hit with the newest Pure Drive Roddick, and the Prestige Pro is definitely less hard on the arm than those. Unfortunately, I can't compare to the PT280, but I have a hunch the Prestige Pros don't quite have the feel you're looking for.
Thanks much for the reply. I tend to vacillate between the APD and the PT280 mostly now; depends on mood, the type of game I want to pursue, and my skill level on the day. Frankly, they are too different to be compared, with each fitting it's own niche nicely. While the MGRad is a nice racquet, I was hoping that it was close enough to PT280 as to serve as a low cost/low maintenance option. Alas, don't think there is anything that a MGRad does better than the PT280, particularly in terms of feel.

While I was hoping for a PT280 with an open pattern, it seems as though the IGPP isn't going to be the answer - that brittleness is just too much of a deal-breaker, particular given the cost of committing to this stick.
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