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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Nobody can bounce the kick serve 7' high.
I used to play with a former #1 for Cal Poly, at 6'6" tall and around 220 lbs., and he couldn't bounce it that high.
Highest average bounce, not including hitting a rock or crack, is around 6'3" high at the baseline.
I believe a kick can bounce up somewhere in the mid/high six feet marks, but whether or not a serve will be at that height when it reaches your opponent is a completely different story lol. I think it just takes the right ball, the right surface and a crapload of spin. There is also the difference between the slow kick and the fast kick. The difference between 100% rpm and a ratio in between rpm and drive. I tend to just make sure i put 99% into rpm since i don't have great technique.

I personally hit a slow kick since i play at the lower level of rec tennis anyways. That way i have control and %. Usually i miss cause i'm framing lol.
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