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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
How come there is a playtest for this string but its already released out on the website for $8.99 in red? I see that there is no 17g version of the Volkl Cyclone Tour. Is this the one we are going to be playing with?
I picked up a set of 17g fr the local shop a couple weeks ago...guess it's timing and marketing...

I got a set of syn gut to cross it up with.

Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

** No Hybrids **
I would hope that some future poly tests let us use hybrids again...but I would have passed up on this test.

Granted I didn't see this thread and apply before the cut off...but I think the early morning games and full bed poly of the Super Smash and Black Magic testing did my arm in. It hurts to play and takes me about 30 minutes to get warmed up and get past the pain. I also have been playing 5 days a week for the past month and a half...

Anyways...if I get healthy enough to hit with it I'll write up a review as well (hybrid or full bed). Till then it's soft cushy strings
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