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Default Only better price would be the FREE HEAD (AMF) Graphite Edge that I got!

Originally Posted by MichaelChang View Post
Are you saying you paid only 7 bucks for the edge? damn it.
Yes, a very generous Eb ay seller, who gave me more racquets along with the one i bought for a 8 yr old prodigy i am teaching the game to, included one with popped strings, but in VERY nice condition!
Yes, GOOD PEOPLE DO still exist!
I gave it to my stringer freind, Micheal in exchange for a super deal on a restring of a prince O3 speedport Black, that I will hit with for a while, before passing it on to a hard hitting kid that I hope will deserve it in a year or so!
I tied off the strings, which look to be old natural gut, by the way, and it was still a solid hitting stick that provided a nice hit, when you found it's .50 piece of-a-sweet-spot that it has!
Smooth long strokes and solid volleys are still there!
string it up with the good stuff, good 'ol gut and have fun!
Michael MAY want to part with the"Head, by AMF" sticker.."made in the USA", on the bottom, for a collectors price, I bet!
Maybe even the racquet, too!
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